Take your passwords with you wherever you are


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Roboform2Go take your passwords wherever you go! It's easy as 1-2-3!

Do you use Roboform to have all your passwords, now you can travel with them with this portable version of Roboform. The process, very simple and easy:
- Plug your USB key with Pass2Go on it into any computer, no matter if you don't have Administration privileges.
- Pass2Go memorizes your passwords and bookmarks and logs you into online accounts automatically. Fills long registration and checkout forms too.
- Pull out your USB key and no traces of Pass2Go are left on the computer.

Pass2Go doesn't need to be installed or any kind of software in the computer, just have it in your USB key and enjoy the roboform experience wherever you go.

Only one difference with Roboform is visible, as it is not installed, the context menu and standard toolbar buttons does not appear in browsers.